2017 Tattoo Masquerade


Centrally located in the heart of downtown Denver, Tattoo Masquerade® is returning for its second year to unite thousands of tattoo artists, painters, vendors, performers, and art lovers from across the nation and beyond! Boasting 35,000 square feet of beautiful state-of-the-art ballroom space within the Colorado Convention Center, Tattoo Masquerade®, will feature 150+ tattoo, vending, and visual arts booths, in addition to entertaining performances, music, and more to be enjoyed by all!


Ranked #1 as the “Top Tattooed City in America” by Inked Magazine on June 20, 2016, it is an understatement to say that Denver is an exciting and alternative groundbreaking city on the move! As it is also located closer to the center of the US than any other city of its size, Denver offers easy air, road, and rail access from all corners of the country. Tattoo Masquerade® is Denver’s premier multi-art event, unlike anything before seen in the heart of Colorado!


We cordially invite you to support this one-of-a-kind grassroots event and look forward to cultivating a long-lasting relationship for the years to come. Tattoo Masquerade® is the perfect opportunity to showcase your products and services to a new and multifaceted cutting-edge demographic that will only continue to grow with us year after year!

Contact Marshall with questions!