My name is Jennifer Hazelman. I live in a very small town, Polo, MO and I am a 23 year breast cancer survivor. After my diagnosis in 1995 I had bilateral mastectomies and chemo. There is something very defeminizing about losing your breasts and your hair during a very developmental period in a young life.

After chemo was finished I had reconstruction. My plastic surgeon said we would do it in stages, first the reconstruction, then shaping and nipple creation. I decided not to go back. I had been through so much and I was done. Done with cancer. Done with surgeries. Done with doctors.

In May of this year I will be turning 50. I have come a long way since my cancer diagnosis. I learned to ride a motorcycle. Road up the California coast and Australian coast with other young breast cancer survivors raising money for the cause. I have overcome the emotional trauma of the cancer. But I still am stuck emotionally over not finishing my reconstruction and I am ready to move on. This tattoo will give me closure on an an unhappy chapter in my life.

My husband asked me why I was going to get a tattoo across my breasts, in public none the less, when no one will see it. I said it’s for me. I will see it everyday and I will be whole again.

Jennifer is one of three lovely ladies who will be tattooed by Friday Jones, P.Inks artist at Tattoo Masquerade®.

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