My double mastectomy in 2013 was a life-changing event. My maternal grandmother died from breast cancer at the age of 62, my mother died from breast cancer at the age of 47, my paternal grandmother had a single mastectomy and survived. 

I’m the middle of 5 siblings myself. My older brother and my youngest sister have the BRCA gene. My brother gets checked by doing mammograms and my sister had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. It’s been a long road for her family, and because of the issues she had with reconstruction, I chose not to reconstruct at all.

Having the opportunity to wake up in the morning and not see these horrendous scars across my chest will make me feel more like a woman and that a piece of me has returned. I’m so grateful for this opportunity

Thank you for letting me share my story.

Sherri is one of three, joining Jennifer and Missy,   beautiful women being tattooed by Friday Jones, a P.Ink tattoo artist.

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