I encourage you to turn on the volume. Perhaps grab a pair of headphones. And pick a song…try a couple. Let the music lure you away for a moment, and enter into the JL Universe.

Whether it’s the beat, the bass, the lyrics, or the cow bell that take you away, listening to this Alternative Hip Hop album is a journey. The combination of sounds, instruments, and beats induce an ocean of theta waves on which to ride.

I want to see you Big Bang. Welcome to my Universe! -JL Universe

And just like that, your consciousness has expanded to encompass the vast amount of ideas presented to you in this music. A lyric connects with something within and you wander down your own conceptual path, spiraling out. A shift in the music draws you back to this space and time, only to eradicate distractions further and you release everything, even the zen, to just be a vibration within the JL Universe.

Led by John Larchick (Bass/Vocals/Samples), and supported by Dave Mille r(Drums), Colin Smith (Keys), Lucas Henderson (Guitar), Kyle Jones (Bass/Samples), the sounds are described as future poetics set to trip-hop beats, electronic strings, organic bass and sonic sonnets. They released an album last November and held a CD release party at Herman’s Hideaway, performing the live band version of the JL UNIVERSE set! Prior to that, they opened up for Hip-Hop Legends “Public Enemy, Rakim, Keith Murray” & showcased a debut DJ set at the inaugural Tattoo Masquerade last year. 

Returning as a Tattoo Masquerade® sponsor this year, JL Universe will once again showcase the  musical arts with a DJ set on Saturday, June 3, 2:00pm – 3:00pm.  The DJ set is an experimental variation of the album. JL will bring glimpses of the album with new DJ production yet to be heard.

Now that you experienced the depth of the journey conceivable with an album such as this, join us to tap into the live expression, and consider supporting the artists.

With Gratitude-


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