Tattoo Masquerade® is excited to have Absolute Computer Solutions, Inc. on board as a sponsor this year!

This Denver-based business was founded in Englewood, Colorado in 1998 and has been providing the South Denver Metro Area with premium computer services ever since.  ACS is owned and operated by two equal partners: Eric Mosier and David Shaub.

Evolving with technology, this duo has been diagnosing, repairing, installing, and backing up computers for nearly two decades. Whether on a PC or an Apple, a laptop or an iPad, ACS guarantees all repair/upgrade work and, in most cases, will have your computer back to your within 24 to 48 hours. They’ll even recycle your old computer if you decide on a full-upgrade. If you have computer needs or technological services, Call ACS Today: (303) 741-9741 or stop in to utilize their Walk-In Service Center.

Additionally, they sell refurbished PCs, Laptops and Monitors (we do not sell Macs, tablets or printers).

Refurbished computers are:

  • Sold with a fresh install of Windows 7 or Windows 10, and

  • Come with a 6 month warranty on hardware. 

  • They are in great condition, clean and a fraction of the cost of a new computer (and often just as powerful).

Expanding their business model to offering a variety of services, ACS may be able to support your own business venture in a variety of manners.  To learn more about getting assistance with your customer communications through e-mail, or to learn how ACS can assist with growing your customer base through E-mail, please call them at 866-582-7400.



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