Tattoo Competition Categories

Best of Day •  Best Costume  •  Best Masquerade  •  Best Back/Torso  •  Best New Skool  •  Best Black & Gray Large  •  Best Black & Gray Small  •  Best Color Large  •  Best Fine Art  •  Best Sleeve Color  •  Best Sleeve Black and Grey  •  Best Portrait  •  Most Realistic  •  Most Unique  •  Most Visionary  •  Best Female Back  •  Best Color Small  •  Best Female Sleeve  •  Best Female Large  •  Best Traditional

Competition Rules & Category Parameters

Entrants are responsible for registering, in person, during the posted registration hours. Cash will be accepted for entry fees.  While we will post daily competition categories, in order, along with daily competition start times for each day of the event, all entrants are responsible for being available at the start of the daily competitions, up until the time that the category is called. There will be no entry fee refunds. 

  • All tattoos (other than “Best of Day” entries) must be healed (4-week minimum) and cannot be flaky, keloidal, scaly, scarred, or shiny.
  • Maximum of 7 entries per person
  • Each tattoo/piece may be entered in only one (1) category; however you may enter a single piece of a sleeve, back piece, or large tattoo into another category.
  • $10 per single entry; 3 for $25; 7 for $60 (same day only)
  • You may not enter more than two tattoos in the same category.
  • Event administrators and sponsors cannot enter competitions.
  • Tattoo Competition Descriptions
    • “Back/Torso” – full back and/or full chest pieces (full-coverage is required; less than full-coverage pieces that meet the “Large” criteria can be entered as such)
    • “Best of Day” – the best tattoo started and completed the day of the convention. One winner per day.
    • “Black & Grey” – entries must be comprised of premixed blacks, whites, and cutting agents (distilled water, witch hazel, rosewater, etc.) and not true greys, excluding a 10% allowance for white highlights or color as an accent, monochrome only.
    • “Large” – tattoos measuring greater than 8”x10” (g., ½-sleeves, chest rockers, ribcages, shoulder plates, and thighs); full back/torso pieces and/or ¾-to-full sleeves are excluded from the “Large” category and must be entered in “Back/Torso” or “Sleeve” categories.
    • “Overall” – the top three (3) winners from each tattoo category (excluding “Best of Day”) will be eligible to compete in “Overall” on the last day of the event (a single “Overall” winner will be selected); as with all other categories, entrants must be present to compete.
    • “Portrait” – includes people and/or characters only (no animals or objects); reference photos are strongly recommended.
    • “Realistic” – includes animals and objects only (no people or characters); reference photos are strongly recommended.
    • “Sexiest” – tattoos that accentuate the human form; open to both males and females.
    • “Sleeve” – minimum of 75% coverage on arms/legs.
    • “Small” – tattoos measuring 8”x10” or less.
    • “Traditional” – includes Americana, in addition to traditional tattoos from around the globe (g., Asian, Polynesian, and hand-tapped pieces).
    • “Unique” – highly-creative, out-of-the-box, and well, unique tattoos only (not a “catch-all” category for pieces that do not fit into the other available categories)
    • “Visionary” – vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes (examples Alex Grey, psychedelic, sacred geometry).
  • Non-Tattoo Competition Descriptions
    • “Best Masquerade” – Best masquerade costume/mask. Create a complete illusion befitting a masquerade ball.
    • “Best Costume” – Best over-all costume. All ages.
    • “Fine Arts” – Art Floor booth holders/artists only; entries must be clearly displayed (easels are recommended) and assigned entry numbers must be visible (judging will be done anonymously).

Competition Schedule

Registration opens with doors each day. Visit the Competitions kiosk in front of the Four Seasons Ballroom doors to register.

Registration for categories 1 – 7 closes

5:00pm – 10:00pm
Ooh LaLa Burlesque
1. Best Portrait
2. Best Small – Black and Grey
3.Best Small – Color
Ooh LaLa Burlesque
4. Most Visionary
5. Best Traditional
Registration for Best of Day closes
Ooh LaLa Burlesque
8. Best of Day

Registration for categories 1 – 7 closes

5:00pm – 10:00pm
Ooh LaLa Burlesque
1. Best Sleeve – Female
2. Best Cosplay
3. Best Masquerade
Ooh LaLa Burlesque
4.Best New Skool
5.Best Large – Color
6. Best Large – Black and Grey
Ooh LaLa Burlesque
7. Best Sleeve – Color
8. Best Sleeve – Black and Grey
Registration for Best of Day closes
Ooh LaLa Burlesque
8. Best of Day

Registration for categories 1 – 5 closes

4:00pm – 8:00pm

Ooh LaLa Burlesque
1. Most Unique
2. Best Back/Torso
3. Best Large – Female
Ooh LaLa Burlesque
4. Best Fine Arts
5. Most Realistic
6. Best Back – Female

Registration for Best of Day closes
Ooh LaLa Burlesque
8. Best of Day

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