We are excited to welcome back 247InkMag.com as a returning sponsor to Tattoo Masquerade®! This year, Steve Azzara, Co-Founder/President/Editor-in-Chief, will have Ink Master Jason Clay Dunn, Ink Master Ashley Velazquez, and Fame Montalvo tattooing in their booths.

247 Ink Magazine the #1 online tattoo magazine.  Not only is it a free publication, but they are more than the average tattoo magazine. They bring you beautiful tattooed models, but also show you the world!

Each issue brings you interviews and pictorials with the best artists around. Not just the same 12 people, but people from around the globe, people you may not have heard of but your favorite artist is loving their work.  They don’t stop at tattoo artists, they bring you body piercing, painters, musicians, comedians, movies, candy, etc. To put it simply, anything they think you would be interested in is a possibility for the magazine. They know you love tattoos like they do; but, they also know, like us, you like music, art, and a thousand other things as well.

Check out their newest edition!

Be sure to stop by their booth at the event this summer and check out their phenomenal sponsored artists!





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