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Event Hours

Friday: 12pm – 10pm  |  Saturday: 10am – 10pm  |  Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Advance Pricing

Individual Day Ticket: $16.00 Friday  |  Saturday  |  Sunday
2-Day Pass: $30.00
3-Day Pass: $40.00


Individual Day Ticket: $12.00 Friday  | Saturday  |  Sunday
2-Day Pass: $20.00
3-Day Pass: $30.00

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Meet Missy Pugh
My name is Melissa P ugh, I  just turned 40!! I am the mother of 3 children Wade ( 8 ) , Max ( 6...
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Absolutely the computer services you need.
Tattoo Masquerade® is excited to have Absolute Computer Solutions, Inc. on board as a sponsor this year! This Denver-based business was founded in Englewood, Colorado in 1998...
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Hush, there are anesthetics for you…
Are you one who stares as your friend experiences hundreds of needles pricking their skin? Are you in disbelief that the pain could ever be...
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