We are excited to announce that Sticky Media is now a sponsor of Tattoo Masquerade™!!Sticky Media sponsor of Tattoo Masquerade™


Here at Sticky Media, we like to do things a little differently. We know you’re familiar with the phrase “think outside the box.” Well, we like to think we’ve created a whole new box. In the digital display arena, that is. Our tech team got together with our creative team to have a little talking sesh and here’s what happened: we decided to merge. We thought, what if we took our technical expertise and combined it with our creative prowess?

The answer is one central location that both creates ads and pushes them out to our own network of digital display monitors in popular sports bars, restaurants, coffee shops, fitness centers and taxicabs throughout Phoenix and Denver. Genius.


Look for their booth at Tattoo Masquerade™ this summer!!

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