With the curious eyes of onlookers upon them, artists set up their canvas, wet their brushes, and stroked paint with fluid motions creating breathtaking works of visual art. Colors and imagery from across the spectrum emerged over the three days of work at the event. Tattoo Masquerade hosted over 20 stunning artists from across the states at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO, each with their unique voice of expression. Artists premiered new triptych constructs, new concept paintings, and showcased their passion in life.  They created a gorgeous gallery upon which to gaze.

Tattoo artists by nature have an audience watching as their work progresses. Tattoo’s aren’t always finished in one sitting and an artists work can go months seen as a piece-in-process. The event hosted live painting to invite this aspect to visual art. Onlookers can see how artists mix their colors, layer their medium, and create their paintings.

Painting is damned difficult – you always think you’ve got it, but you haven’t. Paul Cezanne

It presents the unique opportunity to discuss the painting with the artist. Dialogue widens the perspective for the viewer and the artist. Instead of painting in a solo environment, the artist has the opportunity to observe viewer reactions while still in the development stages. They get the chance to engage with the onlookers and relay the background story of their pieces. If you’ve ever wondered how a painting was created, this was an occasion to watch a work-in-progress. Each artist has developed their unique way of creating and shares it in these live painting sessions. It’s a fabulous opportunity to observe the oldest documented art form and to see how far artists have come since painting on cave walls and the side of rock faces. Tattoo Masquerade was a visual art event that delighted the people of Denver.


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