We’re thrilled to announce another BIG brand name in the industry has joined on as a sponsor for Tattoo Masquerade™!

We welcome Workhorse Irons West! See their products and visit their booth this summer at our multi-art event in Denver.

Workhorse Irons is a collaborative project dedicated to building and providing the tattoo community with the highest quality handmade tattoo machines and tattoo supplies at reasonable prices. Their new West Coast branch is dedicated to distributing to all West Coast tattoo shops with a 1-2 day shipping time.

The current Workhorse builder lineup is Soba, Aaron Cain, Seth Ciferri, Cory Rogers, Chris Smith, Mike Pike, Marv Lerning, and Chris Quidgeon. Each Workhorse machine is designed, built and tuned by the builder whose name is associated with the machine.




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